Here’s 8 things you should be doing to your garden now!!

Here’s 8 things you should be doing to your garden now!!

1. A wheely good buy
Nothing can beat a trusty broom or rake when it comes to a quick tidy up. With no need for electricity, they come in a variety of colours and styles and make light work of tidying pathways or sweeping up leaves. Brooms also work wonders on areas which may be too delicate for pressure washers, such as varnished decking. Why not turn tidying up the garden into a family activity by involving the little ones in sweeping up the leaves? Turn it into a competition to see who can collect the biggest pile – just don’t forget to save any especially pretty leaves for the children to use in arts and crafts projects.
And when it comes to getting rid of the debris, for anything that can’t be shredded, it’s good to get back to basics and a good old-fashioned wheelbarrow is all you need to transport rubbish from one area to another.

2. Get planting
Autumn is actually a great time to plant bulbs, so get planning what look you want to go for now, to make sure your garden is all things bright and beautiful come spring.
The majority of bulbs can be planted from now up until November so why not go with daffodils bulbs for a real explosion of colour when spring arrives? To add colour into your garden right now you can plant Cyclamen, Viola and Chrysanthemums, all of which will provide instant ‘wow’ and aroma for lovely days spent outside, and you also get to do your bit for the ecosystem and make the most of the last few rays of sunshine.

3. You’ll be ‘blown away’ by this gadget
Trees typically shed their leaves in the autumn months which can quickly cause manicured gardens to look messy and unkempt – and they can also become slippery underfoot.
But there’s no need to wear yourself out gathering them all up by hand, when you can use a leaf blower to easily get all that mess into a big pile and out of the way in a timely fashion.
Some designs even have vacuums to handily collect everything up in a bag.

4. Give mess the CHOP!
Oversized trees and messy hedges can seem like a tough job to sort, but you can save yourself lots of work in the garden by swapping your trusty axe for a chainsaw. While they are useful for smaller things such as chopping logs, or cutting down branches, you can even cut down larger trees to let more light into your garden and to help to create a clear area.
Just make sure you rope in a friend to help and keep you safe.

5. Give your paths a spring clean
Paving slabs and cobbles can get saddled with mud and debris over the years but you can get them looking as good as new with a pressure washer. The newest models can tackle the dirtiest of floors with a flick of a switch, and can also remove stubborn weeds as well They use much less water than a traditional hose and can also be used to clean windows (because who wants to do that by hand)… and cars.
In fact, they are so satisfying to use, you’ll be counting down the days until you can use it again.

6. Get box-ing clever
Gardens can quickly become a dumping ground for children’s bikes, lawnmowers, garden equipment and all sorts of bits and bobs that don’t fit in the house. And an untidy garden looks bad all year round. But with a bit of creativity and some well thought out garden storage, you can keep things looking spick and span (as long as you don’t peek inside.)
While sheds are every homeowner’s dream addition to an outdoor space, those on a smaller budget (or with limited space) can try storage boxes in wood or plastic, such as the Store it out arc plastic garden storage box.

7. Lighting
Illuminating your garden and outside space not only makes being inside feel super cosy as the weather gets colder (or even allows you to snuggle down outside under layers of rugs and blankets if you are feeling romantic) but is important for safety. Why not give your garden a night time make over with a few well placed wall-lights. Making sure you can see clearly as you approach your door is always a good idea, especially as the evenings get darker.

8. Go ahead… shred
Thorny weeds can be a real pain to dispose of, as well as small branches, but a shredder can quickly reduce the volume of waste and compact it all. Shredding is kind to the environment, super speedy, and won’t annoy your neighbours, either. Your shredded debris can be used as a reusable organic material for the garden, to fill compost heaps or simply to add nutrients to your soil.

And don’t forget….
Make sure to cover up your precious garden furniture to ensure it is ready-to-go and looking its best come next spring!

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